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Originally Posted by cgaengineer View Post
29-0-4 was my first app. I buy the cheapest slow release I can buy.
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You cheapo, Chris.... If you gonna do it you have got to do it BIG! I am getting ready to do my first fert application either this week or next week. Depending on Dave's and Chris's recomendations. I scalped it down on the lowest setting on my Locke this morning. My yard had really came out in the past week and i just erased the progress. But by the end of the week it should look ALOT better than it did before i mowed it! My friend is supposed to spray celsius on my yard either today or tomorrow to kill the broadleafs and poannua. My question is how long should i wait after the application to apply my first fert app? Chris what were you keeping your yard mowed at last year? .75 or less?

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