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Originally Posted by mowerman11 View Post
Can someone explain to me what a stand on can do, that a walkbehind or ztr can't do?
It has allready been stated that it can't replace a walkbind mower, so It seems like money in the toilet. Not bashing anyone, I just can't figure out why someone would spend $8000 dollars more to cut grass, but you can't cut out any of your other mowers.
Well when comparing a wright stand-on (which in my opinion is the best stand-on) to a ztr it's about 4-500 lbs lighter, more manueverable, shorter and much more versatile. I can't figure out where a ztr is better in any category except maybe top speed.

And my wright most certainly does replace a w/b, I personally don't have any hills that I feel a w/b would be better suited. I'm going to be much less tired at the end of the day, if you add a sulky to your walkbehind well then my wright is going to be half the length of that train your riding on, my wright is going to be much easier through the bumpy lawns also compared to your bone jarring sulky. The only reason for me to have a w/b is to fit through narrow gates.

I'm sure I can come up with some more reasons why a wright is the way to go but i'll save those for later.
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