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New Ferris 1500z- is this normal??

Hello- new here. I just bought a new Ferris 1500z, 53", 25 HP Kawi, and am a little concerned. The dealer did not do a full set-up of the thing, which is a separate topic altogether, but in setting it up, I see a couple of things that concern me.

1. When leveling the deck, I end up with the rear adjust bolt in two very different heights in the slots. One side is almost all the way down in the slot, and the other side is almost near the top. That means that there is over an inch in side-to-side difference in the deck hanging "system" . Anyone else have a similar result, or is something off in the fabrication of my unit possibly?

2. In setting the stops for the hydro-motor control arms, in order to have it track a straight line, I end up the right stop all the way in, and the left backed out amost 3/8" (yes, tire pressure is all good). That leads me to think there is a significant performace difference between the left and right drive systems. I would expect them to not be exact, but am concerned to see so much of a difference.

I appreciate anyone who can shed some light with their own experiences.


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