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Originally Posted by Oakleaf landscape View Post
That's what I said you idiot. You do EVERYTHING! It's hard to be great at everything isnt it?
My dear Oakleaf, as DVS correctly pointed out things are quite different here in Indiana compared to Granola land.

In addition, I hate to break the news to you, but they are successful General Contractors even in your neck of the woods. Only an imbecile would think it's a bad idea to successfully grow the company and keep our crews & subs working year round before and even during a recession. The majority of properties that we work on doing Property Preservation services happen to be foreclosures which in my area, we have plenty of. We're hired by Brokers, & Banks to work on them. These same brokers & their investment group buddies hire us to do hardscaping & masonry work on non-foreclosure properties. It'a all about networking, referrals & putting food on the table

Lastly, glad to read you been spending a lot of time on our website. So tell us, where's your website???

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