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Have a 90R and a 242 along with 3 Stihl 80's. If you want raw torque and ease of starting on first pull, buy the Stihl 90R. The 242 dosen't even come close in the power department. We run the speed feed heads on everything so the shinny dosen't have the advantage there. Where the 242 shine is in just light residential trimming, it's light weight and is relatively quiet. It is more of a finesse, finish trimmer compared to the Stihl. All though the Stihl is heavier in rough heavy conditions, it is the machine of choice by our crew.
Both are excellent machines and should last you a long time.
The only line we run is the Stihl X line, it is the best line we have ever run, using approximately 2/3 less of it than the gatorline. We don't think gatorline is worth a chit compared to the X line, and yes we have run both extensively.
You need to try some if you haven't.
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