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Originally Posted by CkLandscapingOrlando View Post
Where you getting sod? Whats it costing? I get sod from lee road nursery for small orders or wisper winds for larger. Always pretty turf and really no problems. I tried Duda but they wanted more than buying it from a nursery that got it from them.

I can do 5000 full color hangers for the cost of a year membership over there. Which would not be a problem if I new the return to expect. But I need something to go on and I have'nt recieved anything worth pushing me that way
Been getting it from Sod King here in Oviedo CK - run $100 per pallet and of course $5 deposit on pallet. Getting some from Duda in Morning. Have not used them in awhile but Sod Kind could not guarantee they would have in the morning because of the rain on Wed. They said okeechobee were they were getting stopped cutting because of moisture.
Most of the sod has been good as I waited until the last two weeks before even attempting to try to get. Before then most of it was coming out of South FL from what I understand and was not local sod.
Old Man Tuckers Sod farm in Orlando is the best price I have found on Floratam , they had that sale in October and November of last year, had to prepay but got 400 sq ft pallets for $55. Just had them refund 8 pallets worth because there sod still is not ready yet, would of made REALLY GOOD money with those pallets at that cost though, I hope we do not have another winter like that, oh wait, yes I do
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