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Really???!?! Wow... I've got some Weed-B-Gone ready to spray, but you say I don't even need it?

My impressions of Zoysia (from what I've read), is that it is generally slow-growing and won't tolerate heavy shade. If I could wave the magic wand today and the Poa was dead and removed, believe me, the vast majority of the yard would look like the section I weeded by hand (see picture). It would be 90% dirt and 10% sparse zoysia. Are you saying that in one season that zoysia will fill in that huge amount of area? That would be incredible.

I have heard that the Poa will die when the hot weather arrives. What should I do with it then? I mean, right now I can go out and pull up Poa plants that are the width of a dinner plate. Excavate all the dead plants? Leave them to rot?

Where can I buy the Pre-M (Lesco?)? Any ideas what quantity I'd need for 1500 sqft?

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