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2009 vs 2010 Grandstand

What exactly are the differences in the 2009 23hp/52" Grandstand vs the 2010 24hp/52" (other than the obvious 1 HP increase ). I've read several threads that talk about changes and updates - such as some sort of frame upgrades, a change to solid rod hydro controls from the original cable system, new deck lift assist springs, different throttle cable mechanics, etc. Even my local dealer was a little unsure of what the changes were - said they were having trouble getting new mowers in from the factory quick enough. Hoping this is the place to get the straight info directly from the manufacturer.

I'm down to the Toro or Exmark machine for my purchase (although I've only seen a 2009 Toro in person). There are subtle differences, but different things I like about both machines.

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