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Originally Posted by tadpole View Post
The installation of a bottom drain for a Pond is solely for the benefit of the Pond owner, it is definitely NOT beneficial to any resident fish.
Originally Posted by tadpole View Post
A bottom drain would then be appropriate to aid in maintaining overall water quality.
If good water quality is good for koi ... then tell me how you think bottom drains are "definitely NOT beneficial to any resident fish". That's like saying airfilters are definitely NOT beneficial to humans!

I don't understand what you have against bottom drains and bare liner ponds. Enough with the whole balance of nature and ecosystem in harmony stuff. Rubber liner isn't natural, that's why you use gravel and I use bottom drains! There are biofilters out there that take care of the break down of fish waste and other bad bacteria.

Thousands of koi and watergarden enthusiasts have bare liner ponds that swear by them and would NEVER go back to gravel bottom ponds. These people don't have thousands and tens of thousands of dollars worth of fish as you mentioned earlier. That is so rare in this hobby.

I wouldn't recommend a gravel pond to anyone, but you don't see me on this educational forum speaking falsely about gravel ponds as you have bottom drains. I just don't like the mess.

I don't understand it.

People: I highly recommend to anyone looking for unbiased, very knowledgeable help with any kind of pond.
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