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You are something else.

Originally Posted by tadpole View Post
The disregard of "balance of nature and ecosystem in harmony stuff" is exactly why the problem of pollution has reached a critical point. It won't cause pollution in this case, but it is that particular mind-set that troubles me.

Seriously... we are talking about the best environment for koi and you think that carries over into global environment? Come on.

Originally Posted by tadpole View Post
As to a bottom drain not being beneficial to the fish, both Koi and Goldfish are by nature bottom feeders and if you remove their ability to act instinctively in feeding, a certain amount of stress is placed on the fish. No amount of stress is beneficial. Gravel provides the media to support this natural behavior.
Oh, this is too good. I'm discussing water quality and how bottom drains ARE beneficial to koi and you want to talk about changing up their instink to bottom feed. All the koi I have seen in bare liner ponds do bottom feed...on carpet algae. I think they will be ok.

Since no amount of stress is beneficial and cancels out all the beneficial things(in your mind)then how do you clean the gravel ponds. You first take out the fish before you drain the pond...oh no...stress, well there goes the benefits of gravel bottom ponds! So let me then say as you would, gravel bottom ponds are "definitely NOT beneficial to koi".

Originally Posted by tadpole View Post
You are evidently of the school of whatever involves less maintenance is the path to follow.
Ummmm no. I believe bare liner ponds with bottom drains provide a better environment for koi than gravel ponds and I don't understand why people would rather put up with worse quality water AND more maintenance.

Originally Posted by tadpole View Post is an excellent site, as I stated earlier. Another excellent, and older, site is that is hosted by Dr. Erik Johnson DVM who has been a universally respected authority on Koi health for many years. He thinks gravel bottom ponds are fine, in fact he had a quite large one built for his personal use a couple of years ago. And yep, no bottom drains.
I never said they were bad. I know they make better water gardens than they do koi ponds.

I checked out koivet and it had a total of 8 people on site. 1 member and 7 guests(including me). Koiphen had 141 members and 214 guests. Older is not always better.

If you are serious about your pond or pond project check out koiphen. Don't take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. Get on there and ask the thousands of enthusiasts, professionals and hobbyists that are members anything you want.
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