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Originally Posted by punt66 View Post
no we understand what he is saying and just is using it as an example. However, it costs $20 a man hour just in payroll per person once you ad on benefits and insurance. Employees are there to make you money not just them.
Oh I dont disagree with you and I wasnt saying it about you. Just some of the guys dreaming. I just know that for some people a little information is a bad thing and a lot of information kills them. The reason being that they cannot think outside of anything but what is in front of their face. Some hear a number, say $20/hr, and they are saying in their head "Wow there is the answer to my prayers!" And just like Ganz said, you need to have your blinders on a do what you need to do for YOUR business not mine, yours, or the next guys. That is the problem with the whole asking "What to charge?" questions. People should ask more of the production rate and time stuff rather that what to charge. But even that is highly variable. Again blinders on and know what you need to do. I used to ask those questions but it comes down to what your business needs, what you want as long as you are successful, and know your production capabilities.
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