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Originally Posted by walexa07 View Post
I do not understand this statement. From the kubota website, a zd221 with a 54" deck weighs 1224 pounds. The zg227 with 54" deck weighs 1199 pounds. Does not seem to me that 25 pounds would would make a difference in rutting or not. Unless the zg has wider tires or something else going on.

Only reason I say anything is because I am interested in a zd221 with 48 or 54 deck. Kubota has the lightest diesel that I know of other than everride........but everride does not show to carry a diesel any more.


the 25 pounds will not make a difference. I was not going to buy the 21 diesel since I will be running a bagging system and feel the 21 might not be enough. The bigger HP weigh more. I will be considering a deisel for my next mower though. Maybe I should have bought the diesel, but the gas has been fine so far.
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