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Wanted to sum it up for a Georgian lawn care co who wants to do lawn fertilizer and weed killing because half the links at the GA Dept of Agriculture site are dead.

1. You need a Commercial Applicator License and a Pesticide Contractor License.
2. You've got to get books for training:
(a) General Standards Study Guide $15 :
(b) Ornamental & Turf $25 :
You can purchase these books by calling the University of Georgia 706-542-2657 and pay by credit card over the phone.
3. Take your exam from a local Technical College for $45 (additional $45 for each fail & retake). will give you a list of places to take the exam.
4. Once you pass, you pay an additional fee for the license itself: $25 for the Commercial Applicator License and $15 for the Pesticide Contractor License.
5. Start upselling and making more money.

A $45 exam fee will be charged by the Technical Colleges. Most colleges accept checks, credit cards or money orders. Once you pass the exam, you will need to mail in a check or money order in the amount of $25.00 made payable to the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Individuals who wish to obtain a commercial applicator license must pass the general standards examination, as well as at least one major category examination with a score of 70%. The general standards exam is designed to test for general knowledge on the use of pesticides, while the category examinations are more specific to particular types of pesticide application. Please review the Rules of the Georgia Department of Agriculture, Pesticide Use and Application, Chapter 40-21-2, Categories for Certified Applicators, to determine the appropriate category for the type of pesticide applications you will be making.

The commercial pesticide applicator's license is valid for a five year period. The fee for the commercial pesticide applicator's license is $25.00

You must be re-certified to renew your pesticide applicator's license. There are two options you may choose to accomplish this. The first option is that you may take the commercial applicator's exam again to renew your commercial applicator's license. The second option is for you to accumulate the required re-certification credit hours during your five year license period. Please note that all re-certification credit hours must be received in the Georgia Department of Agriculture Pesticide Division office at least 90 days prior to the expiration of your license.

Commercial applicators must obtain either six (6) or ten (10) re-certification credit hours per licensed category to renew the commercial applicator's license.

To check your certification hours/credits go here:

In order to provide pesticide applications of any type of pesticide, whether general use or restricted use, to the property of another person, and collect a fee for these services, both a Commercial Applicator License and a Pesticide Contractor License are required.

A Pesticide Contractor's license is required for any individual or company to engage in the business of contracting for the application of any type of general use or restricted use pesticide to the lands of another within this state. This license is required for each business (company branch office) location, and each business (company branch office) must maintain in full time employment during all periods of operation at least one certified commercial pesticide applicator. The fee for the Contractor's license is $15.00 per year, and this license must be renewed each year. The forms to obtain the Pesticide Contractor's license (license application and proof of liability insurance form), Application Package for Georgia Pesticide Contractor's License must be completed and sent to the Georgia Department of Agriculture Pesticide Division for review, along with a check or money order (no cash please) made payable to the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Your Pesticide Contractor's license will be sent to you in the mail, and must be displayed in a prominent place in each business (company branch office) location.

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