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I demo'd the ZD326 yesterday with the rear discharge deck, and I love all the extra features at no extra charge, such as the suspension seat with adjustable lumbar support (add'l cost on other brands), built in jack and free floating front wheels or change to fixed without getting off mower, hydraulic lift deck, quiet engine, and so on.

My concerns are that when testing it there were a few things off that dealer said were because assembler did not take the time to fix right such as rear drive tire being "out-of-round" causing it to bounce some. I don't want to get it home and have something go wrong due to assembler error, and have to deal with the time, energy and down time having to get it fixed. Kubota seems to have a Dealer issue, from past experience with tractors we have owned. Love the equipment, but something always seems to be off a bit when it comes to the follow through on the little things that can cause big problems. May be they hire cheap workers to keep costs down?

I am still seriously considering this mower especially at dealer finance rates of 0 down, 0% int for 48 months. They also have "bid assist" discounts for those of us doing contracts with NFP or Govt jobs. Scag and Exmark do as well, but they do not have dealer financing.

This would be my first deisel, but from what I hear they go and go and go.....
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