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I took that call from your dealer myself. We have sold a fair number of catchers for the 60 inch deere, and never had a complaint about this until now. We modify brackets, openings and our fitments as we get new info from dealers, manufacturers or trade shows. We are always happy to send a custom solution out when there is a problem, but sometimes a small field modification by the user or dealer when an unexpected problem comes up saves a lot of time for the customer. If you would like a custom bracket made and sent out to you, call us monday and we will get one going. No charge of course.
As soon as we get a chance, we will take a look at the 60 inch Deere being manufactured this year and make any modifications to our catcher as needed. If your catcher won't work properly, we will issue a refund through your dealer, or correct the problem in any way possible.

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