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well, we deal with an Independance, MO located dealer called Odell tractor co.

they are awesome and have a superior staff and mechanics. they have a sister partly owned by the same family in Smitheville,MO. they both carry Kubota and then differ from there and combined they sell exmark , toro, wright, scag, encore i think still and walker. they used to sell everride and we have many of those and love them, but the distributor is rreally bac and they switched and no longer carry them(for now maybe!).

TOAD, what is up man!
have about 800 hrs on mine as well and are doing great and run super, but did have two of them within days of each other develop oil pan gasket leaks and were repaird b4 warranty was up. other than that, perfect. we lost some of the larger accounts i used them on so they are seeing less work this year and more stander work coming in so they will last us longer than expected year wise. we were planning on getting at least 2000-2500 hrs on them b4 selling and replacing these and they should have no issues doing so especially due to the diesels and oiver all build quality. currently we have never put more than 1200 hrs on one but then traded for newer and better(old zd21-old zd28-new zd326) but other Kubotra mowers have lasted than long with care and maintenance.
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