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Originally Posted by JFGauvreau View Post
That's sucks that you were close to them and it only took like 5mins, what kind of dude would think someone else is working for you when they have to cut your chain to get the equipment? lol.

I hope you find your stuff bud!
They probably had the witness blocked so he couldn't see everything or he wasn't that focused on what was going on. Your mind sometimes doesn't register crazy stuff like that until it is too late. This is why crooks can walk into a store and ACT like they are there to pick up their Big screen TV and probably somebody in the store would actually help them load the stolen TV up.
Many thefts occur during daylight hours because that is when people least expect them to. A truck pulls up to your neighbors house at noon. Oh, they must know he is there.
Tag team theft is common here now
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