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the best homeowner fountain EVER!

so i got a job referral from my wife who has a client with a fountain in their front yard that they are wanting cleaned..... knowing the town the people live in i was expecting the worst. so i drove over there and was pleasantly surprised by the neighborhood that was tucked away that i had never seen before. there are nice looking homes with well manicured lawns and then i find is the fountain they wanted cleaned. after talking with the homeowner(trying to keep my composure, and somehow tell them that's horrible) they just rent the home for now and don't want to really spend any more money until the can actually buy the house. i give them some options for down the road, clean the fountain out as best as i can-polishing a turd pretty much-and leave with cash in hand. oh well what can you do

p.s. and yes it is running --don't blink too fast or you might not see the drips of water. if you look below the bottom rock and the pool you can see the water line,or should i say 1/4" tubing.
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