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Hey, sorry for not responding sooner, it's been a busy week.

I'm not in the Maitland area, but thank you for your offer Ck, I'm trying to stay in very specific areas, even if only a handful of accounts just to get the routine and timing down.

I'm honestly just a weekend warrior, possibly a equipment junky needing a reason to buy a 12k mower at some point..

But I should be seen around town pretty soon, the more I started getting into this, the more I noticed how much competition there is, so we'll see how it goes. I've always wanted to get into this 'biz' to see how it goes, I'm still doing other work for make my coin which is wayyy off from landscaping, just thought it'd be nice to actually get outside and actually work instead of sitting in front of a PC all day. I do all the maintenance/handyman work for some of our families rental properties as well so I suppose the landscaping fits right in.
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