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Originally Posted by dcnc View Post
OK, so I called off the TruGreen people. I'll let the Poa do its thing. But what about the other issues?...

1. Fertilizer for the zoysia? What kind, and when?
2. Weed killer application for the other weeds I mentioned?

I just don't want to miss any more important treatments.

Go to the closest Ag Ext Office and get a soil sample box, follow the instructions and send off a soil sample. My Empire Zoysia just started to green up here in Wilmingoton a week or two ago. NC Ag Turfiles say to fert 3 weeks after greenup. You likely won't get your soil sample results in that time frame but they (Ag Ext) are going to tell you 1 pound N per 1,000 square feet, it's the other nutrients that will vary. So, you could fert with just 1/2 pound nitrogen in the next week or two and then 1/2 pound with whatever else your soil test says.
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