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Originally Posted by xclusive View Post
Just a recommendation instead of going to kinkos to print up bills purchase a hp or ibm laser printer with a high yield cartridge (these kind of cartridges can print like 3000 pages before needing to be replaced) and it will be cheaper for you in the long run. Then you can purchase windowed billing envelopes from staples and fold you invoices so the address appears in the window. Then just have staples or kinkos print up 1000 or so return payment envelopes with you info on them.
I figured out an even better way. AHAHAHAHA> I PRINTED 130 PAGES IN FULL COLOR AT MY SCHOOL FOR FREE. haha. Suckersss. But your idea would be great. I need some organization like that, i sat and wrote out all the names on the envelopes today. Do oyu think people would pay faster if you put a stamp on the return envelope? i feel like they would pay so much quicker since they dont have to do all of the busy work. its already done for them.

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