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Originally Posted by teamgreendude View Post
delonglandscaping, I'm very Impressed on how far you've come I'm also 17 and bill maybe about 1/3 of what you have. Right now I'll be buying my first truck soon along with a new 6x12 dump trailer and a new 18hp billy goat leaf vac.
thanks for the compliments, they are always nice to hear.great to hear your getting your first truck. My advice, right of the bat, get a 3/4 ton truck. 1/2 tons are useless in the long run, beside pulling a trailer. I love my truck to death but the thought of putting a plow for winter on my truck makes me cringe, i would rather not do snow at all than have 5,000 in suspension and frame damage with a 1/2 ton . When i buy equipment , i go big, i would get a 14 foot dump with tandem 8,000 lb axles, you dont realize how much we leaves weigh especially when you mulch them up with a leave vac. i just put a deposit on a leaf vac at weingartz. They have to order it, its a custom made billy goat with a 35hp vanguard engine on it. I am going to get a 1 ton dump for the fall so i can finally plow and i will have my uncle the fabricator mount it on the back of the truck so i can suck and pull my trailer at the same time.

Good luck this season and i love seeing 17 year olds like myself working instead of playing halo all day. i hate video games, rather get my hands dirty than anything.

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