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Originally Posted by fastpine View Post
Im looking into adding K9 waste removal to my long list of services offered...
Im prety sure there is some good money in it

One thing I offer that most around me dont, is drip system's..The poly above ground type...I know those quite well and am able to charge accordingly..Two days ago I did a dripsystem renovation on a older gentelman's yard..I was there for 3.5 hrs and walked away with $300...He commented on how reasonable the price was..

In New Mexico you have to have a contractors lisence to do all the fun stuff!! like concrete work, retaining walls, flagstone, sprinklers, etc...
I know this is going to sound like a stupid question (I'm a newb), but what do LCO's normally do if K9 waste removal is not in your services and the backyard is scattered with K9 waste? Just run the stuff over and charge them for manure mulch?
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