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Originally Posted by U.S. Lawns Home Office View Post
Someone's questions from a different thread
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions on the open forum. As I mentioned in the other thread, the idea of hitting the ground running greatly appeals to me.

Would you please elaborate on the declining royalty structure? The royalty fee is probably the biggest complaint I've read about. However, I tend to think it is a reasonable price to pay for the advantage you receive. Seems to me you start much further along on the learning curve from day one, which translates into more money sooner. Someone else summed it up nicely in a prior thread when they said something to the effect of: Most of the knuckleheads in the industry would rather have 100% of $300-400K after 10 years and thousands more in mistakes, than the 96% of the $1MM+ a franchise would generate in 5 years.
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