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Originally Posted by delonglandscaping View Post
thanks for the compliments, they are always nice to hear.great to hear your getting your first truck. My advice, right of the bat, get a 3/4 ton truck. 1/2 tons are useless in the long run, beside pulling a trailer. I love my truck to death but the thought of putting a plow for winter on my truck makes me cringe, i would rather not do snow at all than have 5,000 in suspension and frame damage with a 1/2 ton . When i buy equipment , i go big, i would get a 14 foot dump with tandem 8,000 lb axles, you dont realize how much we leaves weigh especially when you mulch them up with a leave vac. i just put a deposit on a leaf vac at weingartz. They have to order it, its a custom made billy goat with a 35hp vanguard engine on it. I am going to get a 1 ton dump for the fall so i can finally plow and i will have my uncle the fabricator mount it on the back of the truck so i can suck and pull my trailer at the same time.

Good luck this season and i love seeing 17 year olds like myself working instead of playing halo all day. i hate video games, rather get my hands dirty than anything.
I hear yea all the way, When I was still out a 8:30 friday night I had a homeowner asked me why I wasn't out with friends, and i said because they all teens my age are doing stupid things. H was real Impressed by that and said even if people talk sh!t about me just keep working harder and by the time your 25 you'll be doing great and they'll still be stuck looking for a job and getting turned down due to stupid things in the past. I'm also you have a gf who supports what you do, I've thought about having a gf but with mowing and firefighter class I couldn't see any time to fit it in. Also do you know how much that billygoat is running you ?, I may change my order to the 35hp one, it sounds like an animal !!!!!!!
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