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Originally Posted by rwaters View Post
As a dealer I would go with the Kohler I see less problems with them then I do with the briggs intek. Also as someone who has used and sold both the briggs 26 and kohler 27 I have not noticed a noise difference nor more power in the briggs, in fact I thought the kohler had more power. But some of the first kohler courages had a few problems so maybe this is what the dealer is talking about, I have not seen this since the first year though.

I am guessing your talking to a salesman though as I have NEVER met a mechanic that had much good to say about an intek
I bought a used zt60 with the kohler 27 @ 30 hours for $3700, just a heads up in case you want to save a grand plus tax. I put Mobil 1 synthetic, only 89 octane "good" gas in it. My only real complaint I think is the small rear wheels vs. the front casters make her a little "stubborn." Other than that I really think I lucked out on that price. The engine does really well in heavy, tall grass. I don't expect it to last as long as a kaw or kub (obviously) but entry level for 2.5 acres seems to be just fine.

I used my friend's Dixie Chopper silver (25+/- Kaw and 60") before I found the BB. Its a very nice machine but I hate to say it.....too fast :-) I felt like the Kohler was keeping up with the kawasaki and it feels as strong.

I like the reliability of kaw's and liquid cooled is always nice but this was the most mower (newer mower at least) I could get for the money. I did my yard in 1hr 10min with the dixie, 1hr 25min with the BB. Not too shabby IMHO. I feel pretty good about the Kohler so far, I hope I can continue to say that for a few more years.

Fingers crossed, but I'm happy I got a unit with the Kohler, especially looking at the specs on torque versus the B/S.

Sorry If that was long winded. Take care
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