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not so much. My dad's business went almost under two years ago and he doesnt have a great jbo but its a job at MSU Alumni. You'll see his picture on the web site, peter delong. He hasnt helped me out at all except for financing my truck, he co-signed for me because im only 17. On august 4th, it will be turned over to completely my name. He hasnt made one payment on it or helped me out at all besides when i was 12 using his 21" mower for 3 months until i bought my first 48" exmark metro. My parents help me out with getting friends accounts which are some of my biggest accounts, and that is where i startted my growth. Friends tell other friends and soon enough i have 65 customers and a line up of equipment. Other than my car, my set up is completely paid for and i am just keeping my car financed so i can establish some credit on my name when im 18. I have commercial auto insurance in my name, liablilty insurance for 2 million in my name, and i am licensed with the state of michigan, registered in the state of michgan, and pay taxes with my EIN number.

I dont take nor do i fend off my parents for anything but a place to stay and love me. Thats it. I dont use their money and i help out around my house as much as i can and is respectful in this hard economy.

Insured and Licensed
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