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Thumbs down Totes are not good

Why i do not like totes even if they are FREE

Because you can not clean them on the inside & in this business you have to clean out your tank every year so no dried up sealer goes through your pump system & clogs every thing.

Because you do not get a good mix with just a pump. You need a hand mixer because you get build up on the sides of the tank & that will peel off & it will cause blockages & clogs. Don't try to put a stick in there & mix!

Because the plastic valve at the bottom of the tank gets stuck & it can crack very easy & if it happends while you have sealer in the tank OMG whatta mess! & waste of money!

Because it makes you look unprofessional & Ungly.

P.s. These are 272 gallons and sealer wieghs 11 lbs per gallon are you sure you want to put that much wieght in your truck. You need a 1-ton for this.

I am buying a tank from a local guy here in Connecticut if you want i can give you his info & you can talk to him. He is very very resonable and a lot cheaper then every one else. He has plastic horizontal tanks & steel tanks with HAND AGITATION he even sells tanks with pumps & attachments ready to go just add sealer & spray! He even has TRUCK UNITS. Mail me if you are interestes
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