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It was July 2009 when they stole my truck, trailer, and equipment. Absolutely zero help from police. We spent much time, effort, and money to get flyers out, postings online, contacting all police and pawn shops in 5 states only to find out that when people called the local crime stoppers number they would tell them "we don't know what your talking about." Plus it would take anywhere from 5 to 7 calls to the police dept just to get someone to call us back. Anyway, the truck was found burned in Tennessee and none of the equipment has been recovered. We did have a possible lead and contacted our police dept in September. The sheriff said he would keep us updated...again still have not recieved a single call back from them. All I can say, is if your robbed, take it in your own hands to investigate and find your theives. If we had known that our police dept would do nothing, we would have started the minute we realized our stuff was stolen. We can't say they won't come back, but if they do we are now fully armed, fully alarmed, fully camered, and fully ready.
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