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Originally Posted by PDMcgowan View Post
This is proof we still have bad money flowing around. Its asinine to think anyone can run a lawn mowing business and take 4% of gross sales. You mow lawns not make burgers.
In many parts of the country its more than just mowing lawns. And you can save some years of headaches by buying a franchise. The problem is most people with the money to buy a franchise would rather enter a industry where you are not competing with people who know so little they don't even know what they don't know.Add such little investment if you want to call it that to get rolling and its a loose loose for someone wanting to buy a franchise.

US Lawns would never have started up if it was a stand alone business. They did it because the mother company already had all the ingredients needed to start up the franchise business they just needed to make a small investment (to them) in legal fees to get it off the ground. They have relationships with other major franchises to get you on the top of the bid list but they don't guarantee you any jobs.

I'm a big fan of franchises, my business is set up like a franchise but that's for me to offer opportunities to my long time employees who want to go out on their own.

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