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Originally Posted by cgaengineer View Post
Cut that zoysia at 1/2" with a reel mower, you will make your lawn happy.
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Man, I thought Zoysia was supposed to be LOW-maintenance!! I'm cutting it at roughly 1.25", and I swear it grows back FAST. YES, I have a nice reel mower.

I'd love to cut it lower, but the fact is that when I "mow the lawn", I'm only cutting about 25% zoysia in most parts of the yard. Most of the lawn is still showing weeds and poa annua. Trying to power my reel mower (at 1/2") through a sea of thick poa annua.... not gonna happen. Its hard enough at 1.25", and I'm 6' tall and strong.

How often could I mow and not damage the zoysia?? As in, could I mow at 1.25" on Monday, 1" on Wednesday, 0.75" on Friday, and 0.5" on Sunday?

Still wondering what I should do with the thatch that is still hanging around, too... (?) I raked a lot of it up in March, but there is plenty more.
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