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Originally Posted by DenbowLawn View Post
wow i love your work, and im hoping to get a dump trailer similar to your too. im working on getting more landscape work, right now im hit and miss with mowing customers. Any tips for getting the work?
Thank you! I think a dump trailer is a must if you mostly do landscape work. As I grow (hopefully)... I'd like to have dump trailers- maybe not AS big as mine currently- be THE go-to tool for my operation. They are just so versatile. Mine is 12,000#.... I'd like to stick with 10,000# from now on and maybe an F-450 next, so that I can keep future employees under CDL. I refuse to hand-unload anything at the end of the day. Part-timers like working with me because of the dump set-up (truck-trailer)...

As for straight landscape work, I guess my best advice would be pay close attention to DETAIL and work off REFERRALS! Take your one or two landscape jobs (a mulch job, trimming, a small install, whatever), do great work, and let word of mouth spread. I mow 3 yards- I love mowing, but it is not my main gig by far. I started out making landscape work my niche, not grass.

Make a brochure that lists additional services and mail it out to your mowing customers- let them know what you provide. You could stick it in an invoice envelope and DONE. I hand out very professional brochures instead of cards and people eat that up. And it does not mention mowing!

Originally Posted by Trevor8 View Post
how much is the echo bed redefiner
With tax, 675.

Originally Posted by MikeRi24 View Post
looks real good! the grass in the 2nd pic, post number 8 looks like it would be a pain to mow!
Thanks! Yea, that turf gets the trimmer only. It's a third tier down in a very complex backyard. You could barely carry a push mower to it.
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