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Originally Posted by PerfectEarth View Post
Thanks! here- I'll get nerdy on ya with my spade technique-

1. Steel Wolverine spades, razor sharp!
2. I cut the edge first, I DO NOT kick it into the bed (unless it's just a little soil)...I just leave it there.
3. Pull the spade out and immediately move to the left (or right) to continue but I really only use HALF the length of the spade on each cut. The spade barely lifts out of the ground. The key is to let the weight of the spade do the work and kick the spade quick and swift with your foot into the ground.
4. I keep going! ...and a guy follows with a spade and gets low and takes the edging out horizontally and angled slightly with the grade of the bed.
5. Wheelbarrows, dump trailer, ramps!

I've worked for the founder of Papa John's Pizza for the past 10 years (full-time grounds for 7 years and then my biz)...You would not believe the amount of spade edging on his estate property. This March, we did the whole thing- every bedline... miles probably. I would cut the edge and a crew would come behind me (sometimes 4-5 guys) just removing the edges. We re-formed tree rings, sometimes removing 2-3 ft. of soil and sod to even everything up. It was insanity. Can't really use anything mechanical either cause of all the irrigation....
damn! your body mustve felt good when that was over!
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