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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
Amazing work. You must have quite the plant knowledge and be able to see things in your head for the set up. I would like to change my business to more of the landscape work than the mowing work. I like landscaping better and people appreciate great looking landscapes more than stripes on a lawn. I just need to educate myself more on full landscaping and getting a better quoting strategy down. I definitely agree with the whole doing an amazing job and letting the referrals come in. It's tough when you bid a little under but you just need to stick it out and finish it. I also have a dump trailer and it is a must for me. I'd like a little heavier as mine is only 7,000lb, poor quick decision I worked with a guy for 5 years and we had to shovel out all the edgings at the end of the day, wow those were awful times. Enough about me. Great work and I hope to aquire some of the ability to do better installs and switch to more landscaping.
I know quite a bit about plants, but honestly, I still get shy at nurseries when walking around with the guys who work there! I know a lot, but there is SOOO much more- especially with perennials and specific varieties (juniper, viburnum, hydrangea, etc)... It'd be great for you to pick up some more landscape-oriented work- I'm glad I went LANDSCAPE first, GRASS second. Ran into a guy this morning getting coffee, he saw my jacket- says "I'm ok with my lawn guy but when he tries to landscape or do something with plants, it's not good." Gave him my card, he'll call for an appointment. I run into this allllllll the time. So many guys mowing grass and not enough who just do installs/maintenance. And I like mowing grass!!

For me, there is just more money per day in landscaper than mowing. I am not a huge company that needs to fill time with grass.....maybe one day! Good luck!

Originally Posted by Surf'n'Turf View Post
real nice pics....refreshing to see something other than lawn stripes! i have the same 525 wt dingo and after looking at the rototiller in the church pic, was wondering if you ever tried the soil pulverizer. i rented one last year, and while it won't make a thick lawn magically disappear, it did a great job of tilling once we cut out and removed the grass.
I have not had a chance to use the Dingo tiller or soil pulverizer attachments for the Dingo. I'd love to! Mostly, it scoops and lifts trees/pills shrubs, stumps... I agree with your "lawn stripes" comment! hahaha, yeaaaa......

Originally Posted by oakwdman View Post
Nice to see another former Lawn c a f e guy on here again. I miss that site lol.

Not much to say about the pics that everyone hasnt already said!
Hey Oakwood! Thanks for the compliment...The same guy did our logos, right?? maybe I'm forgetting, but I think so...

Originally Posted by 93Chevy View Post
Nice work man. Everything is top notch. On your dump truck, I like the sides that fold down. However, why don't you have full gussets and boards to the top of the cab protector? I'm not trying to be critical, because it seems like you're anal enough that you bought it for a reason. Do you use your dump trailer enough to justify not having full gussets? Again, please don't think I'm trying to be critical.
No! Smart question. Easy answer- Too heavy!! They are already cumbersome enough- a few more boards and supports, hardware, etc.... and I'll really ruin my back! I have enough room with that dump and the trailer for now. I bought that truck cause of the dump body, the tool boxes, the weight rating, and it's BASIC. Manual, roll-up windows, spray-out cab, Nothing fancy!
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