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[QUOTE=PerfectEarth;3560351]I know quite a bit about plants, but honestly, I still get shy at nurseries when walking around with the guys who work there! I know a lot, but there is SOOO much more- especially with perennials and specific varieties (juniper, viburnum, hydrangea, etc)... It'd be great for you to pick up some more landscape-oriented work- I'm glad I went LANDSCAPE first, GRASS second. Ran into a guy this morning getting coffee, he saw my jacket- says "I'm ok with my lawn guy but when he tries to landscape or do something with plants, it's not good." Gave him my card, he'll call for an appointment. I run into this allllllll the time. So many guys mowing grass and not enough who just do installs/maintenance. And I like mowing grass!!

For me, there is just more money per day in landscaper than mowing. I am not a huge company that needs to fill time with grass.....maybe one day! Good luck!QUOTE]

Yea I do the trimming, edging, and mulching pretty good as I take my time and try and make it look perfect and my customers are happy. It's just the installs that get troublesome. Picking the right plants, designing it, etc.... I recently purchased a residential design book but havent had a chance to finish it yet but it is very helpful. I've done a few small install projects and I think they turned out OK and the people like them. Just nothing award winning. Thats why I think I"ll stick to the landscape maintenance side for now. I like sod installations as there isnt much of a design factor but you still need to grade it right and other the other fun stuff to make it look good. And you are totally right with the more money per day or hour landscaping than mowing. I can usually make the same amount doing landscape maintenace in a half day compared to 9-10hrs mowing, installs even more. I just need to spend a day at nursery and check out everything to get ideas of what is out there.
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