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Originally Posted by PerfectEarth View Post
Your best type for more sun is going to be a varigated hosta... The "blue" hostas definitely prefer lots of shade. "Green" leaf hostas can do ok in a mix situation... But for sun, for sure a common variety like a 'francee' or a 'patriot' variety. The leaves will suffer a bit under really hot sun but it's just a visual thing.
Ah, you know I was actually thinking it seemed like I see more of those in the sun than the others. Thanks for the info.

Another question. I'm interested in that Echo bed redefiner you have. Would you think if you were making a new bed, did a rough edge with a spade, then went over it with the edger, would it look real crisp? (Almost like you used an actual bed edger to begin with?)

Also, how are you getting some of those mulch beds so clean and smooth? Do you use any type of tiller or anything?
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