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Originally Posted by PerfectEarth View Post
Thanks for all the compliments! I really appreciate them!

Again, I'm not my any means 100% on my plant know-how! But it is all from my estate job (from 1999-2009) boss is/was extremely knowledgeable in the horticulture field so it was an ideal on-the-job classroom. It was landscape maintenance at the highest level, and I don't say that to sound pompous or anything- it just was very large and very detailed work. Kinda fit me and how I'm "anal" about things.

I WISH I could post some pics from my 10 years there.... I have thousands of incredible project pics and plant shots but they are for my eyes only, unfortunately....

I suppose you could use the edger in that application, but on a new bed construction, I'd probably leave it at the shop... You're already doing soil work, grading, defining an edge, etc... The Redefiner worked best when there is already something there. the "width" of it's effectiveness is only about 3 inches- and that is slightly sloped up towards the bed. I'd use a spade only for a new bed

And the mulch....well, I'm just really picky about it being level and consistently deep. On a hand-spread job like that one I just posted, it's just fast flicks with your hand once it's sorta level and at the right depth. And you can always flip a leaf rake over and lightly smooth it out. I do that a lot! No power equipment on a mulch laying job!

Oh and the other thing- I watched a company last week much right over a ton of leaves and sticks, all kinds of debris in the beds. That gets on my nerves!!! And it looked HORRIBLE. Crap poking thru....not level, just throwing it in the beds. I always rake out or blow out anything major prior to mulching.

I see hardwood (even bagged Cedar and Cyprus too) jobs that if I were the customer, I'd freak out on the company. Guys leave their work so sloppy- HUGE piles all up in shrubs, nothing smoothed out, just tosses in and barely leveled. 1 inch her and 6 over there. Bad work is obvious and lots of guys are doing it. You don't worry about those guys tho!
Haha I know what you mean man.

Thanks for the reply
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