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Remover sealer from car paint

I have a 575 gallon sealcoating tank & sealer got on it. I looked for & tryed everything out there. Until i got luck & found some stuff at Sherwin Williams the paint store, I forgot the name of it but i call it "M.E.K."

I had my tank custome made & painted at an auto body shop with car paint (orange) & it took it off with out harming the paint. It did take some elbow grease & time but it got on there pretty thick.

Now i tryed to remove sealer off my air compressor that is a Jenny and it Blue but the M.E.K. did not work on that...

So you can try but im not sure if it will work on anything else.

The next thing i was told that works pretty good is McDonalds old french fri grease. & they give it to you for free!...
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