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1) Pulled up to a customer's house, got out of the truck and heard what sounded like a tornado alarm or something just blaring, mind you I'm about 50' from the house. I knock, ring the doorbell, beat on the door, about to break in thinking she's dead (old lady) she swings the door open and starts yelling at me. she says "what's that noise?!!!! I don't know where it's coming from. etc. etc.. I start going around the house, upstairs, downstairs, it's echoing around sounds like it's coming from everywhere. Neighbors are coming over, she says she's going to call 911. I'm telling you this is the loudest noise you have heard. I go up to her husbands bedroom who just got put in a home and his damn alarm was going off, at 4:00 in the afternoon. She had JUST put him in a home and apparently he set his alarm. The volume was up all the way and it was some sort of high dollar Bose or something like that. I'm telling you with the front door open you could hear it a block down the street.

2.) Told a lady the other day she had to have the kids go inside when I was mowing for safety reasons. She said she liked to have them watch me work so they could see why they needed to work hard at school and have goals when they got older so they wouldn't have to do this type of stuff........Part of me couldn't believe she said it, and the other part of me couldn't wait to tell somebody about it.
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