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Originally Posted by RBatten View Post
I am having a bogging issue with a SRM 230. Starts great, idles great, hit the throttle and it bogs down. Ran great for 2-3 weeks after carb rebuild, ran great half of the day and then started to bog down, as if you turn a switch on.

Here is what has been done so far. I am not a mechanic but handy non the less. This problem has me stumped.

Rebuilt carb twice, once before problem, once after
Changed carb altogether
changed spark plug, and coil
fuel lines and filter, even tried without filter
removed muffler couldn't find screen, ran without muffler

I am lost any help would be appreciated.
What do you mean, "ran without muffler"? If it ran okay without the muffler, either the muffler is carboned up, or the screen is plugged. On the SRM230, the screen is behind a little exhaust deflector plate, held with 2 screws onto the muffler. If not plugged screen, then burn out muffler with propane torch. While muffler is removed, check the exhaust port on the engine--remove carbon deposits. Be careful--I use a popcicle stick for this--screwdriver can scratch a piston or cylinder.
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