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First of all, I just wanted to say THANKS to everyone who has chimed in with answers and suggestions so far. Its been a huge help.

More pictures today.... maybe you guys have some easy answers....

These pictures were taken on Saturday afternoon, when it was about 92 degrees and pretty dry. Last time I watered was Wednesday, and its been hot and dry all week. I've put down zero chemicals so far.

1. As you can see, in certain spots, the zoysia leaves were curling up into tight tubes. I'd say this was only happening in the 10% of the yard that gets full sun all day long. I assumed this was a drought response, so I got out the hose and soaked these drier areas. We also ended up getting some cooler temps and a nice period of rain yesterday, which also helped.

2. I'm not exactly sure how much thatch is "too much". In a couple of the photos you can see that despite my efforts to rake and remove it (AGAIN and AGAIN), there is still a fair amount still lying around. Ideas?

3. Anyone know what the tiny "rust" spots are on some of my zoysia leaves?

Thanks again everyone.
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