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Originally Posted by BRENTMAN View Post
subscribed this thread.
Delong, you are quite an inspiration to me I gotta say, definitely gave me some serious motivation, thanks for that.
pics look good, please keep them updated.
thanks and keep up the hard work and it will pay off.I just landed another huge landscaping job with a pool and a big hill down to the pool, i am going to build a patio into the side of the hill by the side of the pool with a weaving pathway of limestone and big boulders, i just got a kubota 60hp diesel loader from my friends gpa who owns like 6 golf coarses around michigan. I cant wait to take some more pictures. sorry i dont ave many im so budy with work and dont have my own camera, borrowing my moms camera and dads cameras are risky because i forget about it and they are really expensive like 3000 for the cannon my dad has. It shoots like 4 frames per second though so its pretty much like a movie

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