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Originally Posted by BRENTMAN View Post
Congrats on the new job, you should def try to do some before/during/after pics man. I'm curious as to your method of doing patios (i'm assuming you just do pavers right?) any insight on that would be great as I'm studying for those right now, I'd like to be able to offer patio work.
And yeah cannon rebels are solid cameras, my buddy uses one for his photography.
my way of doing patios, is the way everyone does it, haha, i never took one class on hardscaping or no one has ever taught me, i guess i see it like a puzzle where you make your own designs and shapes. i tamp so much the base is like cement by the time i am done and that i think is the key to pavers, also , with the side of the bill being dug into and the patio in place i will have about a 3 foot to 5 foot retaining wall to make the patio a place for a small fire pit and chairs. At leased thats the goal. ha

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