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Toro 322D PTO Slipping Issues

Our 322D fitted with 72" 3-blade mowing deck has been causing its double-width "Torque Team" engine-to-PTO drive belt to slip when trying to mow heavy grass. Inspection revealed that those two pulleys had become misaligned by the PTO shaft moving forward about 0.5 inch. So we will execute the PTO shaft forward-aft repositioning procedure to realign the tops of those pulleys as the pulling side between the tops of the pulleys. That procedure calls for loosening a set screw on the forward and rear PTO collar, then driving a flat-end punch with a hammer to spin those collars in the opposite direction of the machine's normal operational spin direction. That reportedly loosens their grip on the PTO shaft, allowing it to slide to the correctly adjusted position, then retighten by driving in the opposite direction with the hammer & punch and finally tighening the set screws.

Question, is the gripping that spinning these collars causes onto the PTO shaft like that of a drill chuck or an over-sized Dremel Mototool collet? The gripping mechanism is concealed so its method of gripping is not apparent. Clearly the gripping is not mainly held by those tiny Allen head cap screws.

When the operator pushes the PTO control lever forward, it induces a twisting force on the floating PTO assembly. That twisting force is resisted by two links. The Torque Team belt length limits that spring-loaded twisting. Also, the yoke link between the spinning engine drive shaft and the which PTO assembly resists that spring-loading force. During partial disassembly for inspection, we discovered that the pin which links the smaller end of the yoke to the PTO assembly has worn the originally-round hole in the PTO assembly into an oval slot. It was not fitted with a grease zerk yet it obviously is a wearing loaded mechanical connection. This slot verses the original round hole slightly changes the geometry of this spring-loaded system.

Question 2. Does this geometry change decrease, increase or not change how effectively PTO belt tension is controlled by this complex spring-loaded pivoting linkage system?

Thanks for your consideration. I do own and have studied the original 3-ring binder Shop Manual.
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