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I've been doing flowers the past few days- These jobs get on the list and are hard to fit in, so a rainy day or a wet day is the perfect time to do them, and we've had plenty of those lately! Seemed like it misted all day.

Just a couple annual beds I do and a new planter job I picked up. Think I finally got the Petunia bed amended perfectly after a couple years of switching it out twice a year (Summer/Fall) .... and feel free to rag on the 'Purple Wave' Petunia...not my first choice but they are cheap and HARDY- there is no irrigation in that bed. Much prefer the look of the tiny New Guinea Impatient bed with Caladiums.

Really starting to enjoy planter jobs a bit more- they break up the monotony of hard labor and I like the creative aspect of anything. And they can be decently profitable!

Need it to dry out badly so I can start on many install jobs that I have sold.... got customers tapping their feet. April was bone dry and May is soaking.
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