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Originally Posted by Restrorob View Post
This thread will tell you all you need to know about this swap;
I want to look for the carburetor that goes on the 23hp FH680v to install it on my 19hp FH601v. When looking at online part stores, they list about 20 different models of each of these engines, example FH680V-AS01. I don't know what model I have, my owners manual says I have an ELU # 927236 52" Hustler Mini Z 19HP KAW serial number 07101592. Nothing in the manual states any numbers like AS01, AS02, etc. Also, the parts store lists at least 3 "carburetor assembly" items. for the fh680v-as01 the part numbers are 15003-7003, 15003A-7022, & 15003B-7040 - each of these costs around $300. Do I have to buy all three? Or is this just different choices of carburetors?

If you could tell me which part numbers I need to upgrade my engine to the 23 hp, I would greatly appreciate it!! I don't want to buy an extra $600 worth for nothing, in fact, if the upgrade requires me to spend $900 it's not worth it, a brand new engine is like $1600 or so.
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