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Originally Posted by nowayklown View Post
wrong. yes it is "only a piece of paper" yes. but if they sign a contract with everything outlined (have a lawyer write it up for you) if they decide they dont want you to cut their lawn they have to give you due notice before cancellation (usually 30 days) if then they decide to cancel thats up to them. the contract states it. now if they say they dont want you to cut anymore then you show them the signed contract where everything is outlined and you cut the grass and they are liable for the payment for service. take that to court youll see how quick the judge rules in your favor. If you guys dont have contracts for your work prepare to get burned one day. 99% of the people will be honest. we get that "piece of paper" signed for that 1%. please dont listen to these 2 yahoos above me. obviously they dont understand the legalities of running a profitable business.
You're the 'yahoo' my much did your lawyer cost to protect you from losing out on a few $30 cuts??? Also EVEN IF a judge rules in your favor, it's just a judgement. The customer can still withhold payment, then you're talking filing more legal action, more time, trips to the courthouse. But I suppose that's a lot more profitable than just letting someone cancel when they want to.
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