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Rob7233 ....Here,s how it more time...without the muzzle or the dog...

Check the valves and the ACR bump during compression stroke
Pull the rope ...if it kicksback ...check the flywheel key
If it still kicksback, disconnect the sparkplug wire...pull rope again
Now you have eliminated any flywheel or ignition issues..
If it still kickback, your problem is internal ...
Either the ACR isnt working properly...
The cam is 1 tooth off..either from the factory or it jumped time..
On this engine,the crank gear also has a halfmoon key that might be damaged

When you remove the engine sump check the timing before you remove the cam.

Its cheaper to muzzle the dog (fix the problem)
Than to pay for the bite(damaging your arm or hand)
I hope thats not too cryptic.....
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