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Different carburetor parts identified !!!

Originally Posted by clif View Post
Another concern I have, is this carburetor swap out project fairly easy to do for an average person, or is this something the mower shop needs to do for me? I have a hoist and impact wrench on hand.
OK, I went through the tedious process of comparing every single part number from my FH601V-DS22 engine and heres what I came up with:

The only TWO parts that have different part numbers are the Carburetor Assembly #15004-7029 on FH680V-DS22 or #15004-7030 on FH721V-DS22, AND the Shaft-carburetor #16041-7024 on the FH680V-DS22 or #16041-7025 on the FH721V-DS22.
The carb. assy costs $321.59 on but cheaper at The shaft-carb. costs $32.20 at m&d. The whole carburetor assy. part number is only different b/c of the shaft difference, so it appears there's no need to replace the whole carburetor.

It looks that if you have the 19hp kawasaki FH601V, you can upgrade to 21, 23, or 25 hp by simply replacing this carburetor shaft, with the exception on the 25hp you will need the oil cooler#39067-7008, the o-ring#92055-7006, the joint#59071-7009, and the valve-assy.#49116-7001. All of parts needed to convert from 19 to 25 hp will cost around $67 plus shipping. I have not done this conversion yet, but will be doing this real soon. Hope this helps anyone else out there that is still seeking answers.
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