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I'm 48 and in my 9th season. My teenage son is helping out more now but for the most part I'm solo. I have to work short days at first in the spring until I get back in shape after sitting on my tail all winter waiting for it to snow, but once I get past the first couple weeks I can still bust my tail all day long. I'm a former endurance athelete so I don't mind sore muscles and aches and pains...makes me feel alive, lol.

My problem has been injuries. Nothing too serious but enough to slow me down to the point it's a struggle - one season sprained the hell out of my ankle and was supposed to stay off it for 2 weeks...couldn't do that so worked with an air cast and oxy. Then i got something emebedded in my leg string trimming and got a cellulitic infection. The worst was seperating my shoulder boulder wrestling. I still have to baby that a bit almost 2 years later because I kept re-injuring it.

So I say go for it!
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